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Language:  Wolfram Mathematica

Description:  This program allows for the visualization of linear transformations in a more intuitive and geometric way. The determinant of a matrix can be seen as the area of the parallelogram formed by the column vectors composing the given matrix. When N arbitrary vectors are transformed by a matrix the space within a dimension is altered, yet the area of the parallelogram remains the same. One can imagine this in the following way: allow for "space" to be a rubber band. Stretching, twisting, and rotating the band will distort its appearance, but nothing fundamental has changed about the band.


Language:  Python

Description:  Initially this project started off as a conversation between a couple of my friends and I, after one of them failed to purchase anything from Supreme's website.  I took this as an attempt to challenge myself in building a bot dedicated to purchasing an item or items from the website.  Using Selenium WebDriver and ChromeDriver in conjunction , Bum Bot takes in a key parameters such as "Clothing Name", "Size", and "Color", and searches the HTML elements of Supreme's website for an item that satisfies the designated parameters.  The checkout process is handled in much the same way, and to ensure the bot cooperates with Supreme's TOS, any CAPTCHA/reCAPTCHA must be completed by a human.  Overall, this was a great weekend project that introduced me to both Selenium/ChromeDriver and was surprisingly effective for a spur of the moment idea.


Language:  Python

Description:  This trade bot is built using the  Robin Stocks API and implements various signal indicators to make an informed decision.  

Language:  Java

Description:  After reading about how search engines suggest results based on the currently entered characters, I decided on implementing a Trie, sometimes called a Prefix-Tree.  The implementation is as follows; each node contains a character value, an array of children nodes and a boolean as to whether or not it is the final letter in a complete word.  Regarding space and time complexities for this particular implementation, insert and search times average O(length_of_string) and occupy O(alphabet_size*char_size*number_of_nodes) space in memory.  As of right now, I consider the project to be completed, but do intend on furthering the concept by implementing word suggestions as a string is being typed, similar to what happens with an actual search engine.

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